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(A statute of limitations issue prevented the suit from reaching back further.) barred by Title VII.

That allegation might sound surprising in light of congressional Democrats’ efforts to explicitly add sexual orientation discrimination to the Civil Rights Act.

But by that point, thousands of gay Walmart employees had been forced to pay huge sums of money to help pay their uninsured spouses’ medical bills. In 2012, Cote’s wife, Diana Smithson, lost her health insurance and was then diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The six-month program introduced last year will now take three months to complete, said company executives. Longtime workers who make the most their job title allows get a onetime lump sum of 2% of their annual pay, as they did last year.For example, the subordinate may receive longer breaks, be given preferred shifts or receive unfairly favorable reviews. 2000e, which enables employees to base claims of sexual harassment on, first, a "quid pro quo" argument where an employer conditions benefits, promotions or even employment itself on the receipt of sexual favors, or, second, an argument that sexual harassment has produced a hostile work environment. Over time, this perception of favoritism could lower employee morale and productivity-two business elements that employers have a vested interest in protecting.11 These complaints also may trigger a sexual harassment claim against an employer under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, 42 sec U. As protection from litigation and potential liability, some employers adopt policies directly addressing dating in the workplace.These policies range from the very strict, such as a comprehensive prohibition of dating between employees, to the more lenient, such as a policy that actively discourages, but ultimately allows, employees to fraternize.4 Even a simple policy requiring employees to notify management when coworkers are romantically involved provides documentation of a consensual relationship that could be helpful to an employer's defense against a sexual harassment claim, should one arise.5 Perhaps daunted by problems of implementation and enforcement, other employers have avoided adopting any formal policy explicitly addressing the issue of romance in the workplace, choosing instead to rely on unwritten rules or other policies already in place.

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