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Through basic information on child sexual development, defining sexual abuse, and learning effective strategies we can prepare to take action steps toward prevention.

Introduction A person sexually abuses a child when he or she exposes the child to sexual acts or behavior; that child may experience a variety of short and long term reactions as a consequence of that abuse (NSVRC, 2011).

“Epstein lives less than one mile away from me in Palm Beach,” author James Patterson tells The Post.

(Real) sex is a rarity in my life, so when it happens, I try to get the most bang for my speak.

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Indeed, the presumption that boys and girls are "hard wired" to learn differently was incorporated into every aspect of these programs' structure, from curricula to teaching methods to classroom activities and décor.

If you are wondering what this looks like on the ground, here are some examples of what our investigation found.

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