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If you do not have a Pay Pal account, please use the Interac Email Payment option, or make a 0 deposit below and we will contact you with additional details.

0 Registration Deposit - If you do not have a registered Paypal account, you can pay the balance at the conference.

Starbucks and IKEA have both used similar methods to pay a fraction of what they owe in tax.

has announced that it will be spinning off its Pay Pal division next year as a separate company. Not a great deal in the short-term because the divorce won’t occur until the second half of next year. e Bay started in 1995 and for the first few years the real pain point in trades was payment.

It has been revealed that the online auction giant paid a meagre £620,000 of tax on sales worth over £1.3 billion last year.

Thanks to lenient tax breaks, £620,000 was all that the Treasury asked of them.That means that there will be two independent companies: one called e Bay that will be all the global e Bay marketplaces and other companies they own for trading on such as Gumtree. And even then, you’ll just have different logins for e Bay and Pay Pal as you do today. Lots of people sent cheques and even cash in the post. While e Bay attempted to build its own payments system, an independent pretender won over e Bay buyers and sellers.Pay Pal was just better than anything else out there and became the payments gold standard on e Bay.If you take this option, your order will be shipped immediately, and you may arrange payment within the terms of the account.You might want to think twice before you next list something on e Bay.

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