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Bos saya kira satu geng ngan saya, so kunci office diorang bagi saya satu set. saya masa tu daah ada gadis tapi tak pernah projek lagi. Lima tahun menjanda, akhirnya Datuk Ashman berjaya mencuri hati Dolly. Tetapi anak-anak semua tinggal bersama bekas isterinya.

Recently, Sri Aman was announced as one of the top 100 schools in Malaysia by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, thus receiving the title 'High Performance School'.Thus, as the population increased, the number of children attending secondary was also increasing.It was felt to be necessary to have a secondary school - particularly a special school for girls.We are confidant that we will exceed all of your expectations for quality and service at a reasonable price.Many, many thousands of customers will agree, if you want the best you see the guys at Cedarbrook Construction.

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