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This new architecture provides greater resiliency in OAB generation.

Also, In Exchange 2013, the OAB files are generated and stored in the Organization Mailbox first and later copied to the %Exchange Install Path%\Client Access\OAB\.

Then check the mailbox Exists (See Check for existence of mailbox sections below).1. The Mailbox SHOULD be in the right hand window (Providing you are in the correct administrative group, on the correct server, and in the correct mailbox store! Remember with Exchange 2007 / 2010 you create the mailbox with the Exchange system Manager anyway! On the Exchange Server, Start Ensure “Hide From Exchange Address Lists” is NOT ticked.

If you receive an error message then you can investigate further (Note: Set your Outlook client to send you a delivery report on the test email as well).

In Exchange 2013, OAB files are not stored locally on the CAS.

CAS 2013 proxies all OAB download requests to the appropriate Exchange 2013 Mailbox server.

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It can be accessed when using a CUMC email (@cumc.columbia.edu) account with Outlook or when logged in to the Outlook Web App.So Microsoft Exchange File Distribution Service is removed from the CAS role.I am trying to explain the conventional methods for forcing the OAB generation in Exchange 2013 and fresh download on an Outlook 2013 environment.Microsoft Outlook group policy administrative template Windows does not include Outlook-related group policy objects by default.So before we get started, you have to download an administrative template and import it into your effective group policy.

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