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What is it that drives these miscreants to develop and distribute these malicious programs?

the answer is as simple as the question: extortion.

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You may not realize it, but your computer is probably at a higher risk than what is initially perceived.

This discretion implies that the need for recognition is no longer present.

A common frustration among users of certain Mc Afee products is the persistent problems caused by the Mc Afee Framework Services file.

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The Auto-Renewal Class does not include any person whose charges as described above were fully refunded by Mc Afee or fully credited through such person’s credit or debit card issuer.

They even may be able to contain or sometimes fix your computer, should it become compromised.

Installing an antivirus program can help in keeping your files from becoming compromised, as well as keeping a malicious program from damaging your system files.

Keep in mind that disabling your only antivirus software will leave your computer vulnerable.

The update process just hangs, stuck on the 'Downloading updates' stage with the circle activity indicator just going around and around forever.

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