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Vanessa, a 32-year-old PR, is one of life's planners and so far, she's on target."We have one life, and I don't want to drift to the end only to realise I've wasted it.In June 2014, Gigi won the Logo TV Trailblazing Social Creator Award for being an advocate for LGBT youth and making a positive impact through videos and social media presence.Gigi has dual citizenship in both The United States and Canada.Gigi currently subsides in Los Angeles, California and has a partnership with makeup brand Too Faced Cosmetics and is the face of Crest Canada's new Crest 3D White Brilliance Line.Gigi was born in Montréal, Québéc, Canada and raised in the city of Mississauga. When she was younger, she participated in diving competitions and won a national title around 2005."Rigid plans stop you living in the moment and getting the best possible experience of each event," says psychotherapist Phillip Hodson."You could blow an opportunity because you're on a treadmill.

We want to get to know you (yes, you) as a reader-and we work tirelessly to bring you personalized recommendations based on books you’ve loved. She is married to a great guy, has two wonderful children, and appears to be happy and content.

Employing a multiple-baseline across participants design, evaluation data were collected on the affects of 1:1 online reading tutoring on reading fluency scores of students.

Additionally, data on tutors’ face-to-face and online tutoring behaviors will be compared, and finally, data collected from parents, teachers, tutees, and tutors evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency, and feasibility of online tutoring for remediating students’ skill deficiencies will be discussed.

But Elizabeth finds hope one day, when she stumbles across an intriguing post on Facebook.

She discovers that “Fly Lady” is coming to her town and decides to investigate the topic.

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