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How long could Jodi wait for John to be more responsible for their marriage to occur?

When they were dating, she hoped that he would change his mind about marriage, but when he couldn’t do so, she finally decided to call it quits for good. Before the split, the two also took a Florida beach vacation to try if things would work out for them.

He was born in a place called Evanston which lies in Illinois of United States of America, and this makes his nationality American. He has four siblings and their names are Joan Cusack, Ann Cusack, Bill Cusack and Susie Cusack.After being such a long time in a relationship, it’s only natural for someone to think about its future. She was in love with Cusack for six years and expected that their relationship would find a new meaning. John couldn’t support her for this next step in their relationship.She wanted to be married to her boyfriend from a long time, ”settled, have children with him and make a beautiful family. When Jodi was only trying to take the relationship to the next level, John didn’t seem to be ready to take the big leap and didn’t seem to be in the mood for marriage.Before John Cusack, she was dating Don Johnson in the year 1997 and also had a relationship with Jaime Gonzales in the year 1998.Caption: Jodi Lyn O' Keefe sharing coffee with her ex-boyfriend John Cusack (2004) Besides being a hot actress and earning from Hollywood, she has other ventures too. Similarly, she is also the owner of her jewelery line.

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