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Known as "The Barn" because of its distinctive look, the College Avenue Gymnasium is the home site for all Scarlet Knights wrestling and volleyball matches.

A capacity crowd of 1,200 fans, who are right on top of the action, serve a dual purpose - to inspire the Scarlet Knight team and to create an intimidating atmosphere for RU opponents.

RUTGERS WRESTLING ROOM The Rutgers wrestling team's practice facility is a 3,200 square foot room located in the College Avenue Gymnasium.

In addition to serving as the team practice area, Scarlet Knight wrestlers can also use the room at any time to work on their one-on-one drills and techniques.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has termed as irresponsible and act of intimidation President Uhuru Kenyatta's attack on the Judiciary over the recent ruling on printing of presidential ballot papers.

In a statement, LSK president Isaac Okero said the attack was "deplorable and an attempt to compromise the independence of the Judiciary".

WEIGHT ROOM The Rutgers University wrestling team has access to a fully-equipped exercise and strength training room, which includes both free weights and nautilus equipment.

The team works with trained members of the Rutgers Athletic Department Strength and Conditioning Staff to improve strength, speed and endurance for peak performance.

Penrose, 34, Saturday night at his residence in the 13600 block of North Route E.The UPND Spokeman, Charles Kakoma said in the statement that “First and foremost, Kampamba Mulenga needs to understand that when Linda Kasonde speaks, she is speaking on behalf of the entire Law Association of Zambia.This means her statements are authorised by the executive of LAZ or one of its relevant committees.This was later overturned by the Constitutional Court which ruled that this was unlawful. It’s important that government listens to LAZ when they contend that they do not have full emergency powers under article 31 to extend the Threatened State of emergency.Discarding this timely guidance would be a violation of our republican constitution”.

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