How to be friends after dating

It would be great if it was a one-and-done type of thing—find someone to date and marriage bells ring, and life moves on.

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One of the most commonly debated and thought-about questions regarding breakups is, “Should we be friends after we breakup?Observe what happened next…A year after meeting Jessica, I needed to travel to a new city for work and I realized that I had no place to stay there.I mentioned my predicament to Jessica, and she excitedly revealed that her good friend had just moved to the city I was visiting.She is struggling to come to terms with this new development, just as you are. Remember, once you have crossed the boundaries of friendship, do not look back. But they are not ready to become friends after dating.Think about this: will you be able to go white water rafting like you did before? Is this really human or is there a silent functioning of ego here?

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