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Representatives for the organization have stated that the additional visibility was in reaction to increasingly anti-gay legislation being brought forth in the state government. We'll deal with it if it happens." A former board member described a situation that arose after discussions about diversity that "turned sour." In the op-ed in The Birmingham News, Michael Hansen wrote, "The conversation ended with a white man explicating that he was perfectly capable of doing the work on behalf of minorities, women and transgender people." In 2005, when the state legislature voted to hold a public referendum on the Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, Equality Alabama's chair Howard Bayless said the legislators were "meddling into the lives of families.

Proposed, but thus far not enacted, state legislation has included banning the adoption of children by LGBT people and prohibiting libraries from purchasing literature that portrays homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. The government is deciding what our families are and what families are made of, and to me that's unconscionable." Equality Alabama partners with other human rights organizations.

The Billy Jack Gaither Humanitarian Award recognizes "an individual or organization that has shown extraordinary courage in the struggle against hatred and contributed to the creation of a just society." The 14th annual event was held on February 19, 2012 at the Montgomery Union Station Train Shed, rather than the usual venue of the Capitol steps, due to stormy weather.

The first Stephen Light Youth Advocacy Award was awarded during the event.

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday declined to grant the state a stay beyond Monday. If the nation's highest court declines to intervene, same-sex marriage licenses will begin to be issued on Monday, and probate courts around Alabama have been preparing for the possibility."There is absolutely nothing in Christian scripture that supports the condemnation of gay people," said Hopkins, who is not legally married but was joined in holy union with her partner of 28 years in 1988.

State officials have appealed that decision to the U. "It is my conviction that those that stand in the pulpit and say so are either uninformed or disingenuous."There are people out there suffering because they believe God hates them."Darian Aaron was born and raised in Montgomery. I definitely felt ostracized when I first came out because it's such a strict, religious, conservative environment.

The organization cosponsors the annual Vigil for Victims of Hate and Violence.In 2013, retired Bishop Melvin Talbert defied church law by presiding at a wedding in Birmingham, Ala. Kevin Higgs, Bobby Prince, Joe Openshaw and Bishop Melvin Talbert.As the United Methodist Church began its global meeting, held once every four years, the stage was set for a showdown over the denomination's long-standing opposition to homosexuality.That puts them in direct conflict with the denomination's ban on "self-avowed practicing homosexuals" in ordained ministry."While some of us have been lucky to serve in places where we could serve honestly and openly, there are others in places far more hostile, who continue to serve faithfully even at tremendous cost to themselves, their families, and yes, even the communities they serve, who do not receive the fullness of their pastor's gifts because a core part must remain hidden," the letter says.

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