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Lohan has a lot of people rooting for her— including Oprah and myself. I'm 25, have a good tech job, no kids, no woman and i don't plan on it ever changing.You play this game for a while, and believe me, it IS a game.You are empowered by his dislike of his wife and honesty and affection towards you. I don't think that it's impossible that the man will leave his wife, but I do think that it all depends on circumstance and timing.You start the affair without intentions of an involved love affair.

This means that your boyfriend needs to work out his relationship with his son.

You love the man and no other man compares to this married man.

You convince yourself that sharing this perfect man is better than all the available men because none of them will measure up to your married man.

Dear Dating Coach: I have been dating a 60 man for one and a half years. We are discussing marriage, but we have two problems: (1) his son (mid thirties) disapproves of me.

In fact, we were scheduled to marry three times and had to cancel each time because my boyfriend's son "couldn't get the time off." He will not allow me into his home. I am unemployed and looking for work in the area where I live.

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