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When I upgrade an Android application from Google Play, it gets downloaded, then the upgrade stops with the message “Error: Insufficient storage available.” Yet none of the partitions seem to be nearly full.The app is about 10MB, and I have about 100MB free on Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize /dev 171M 32K 171M 4096 /mnt/asec 171M 0K 171M 4096 /mnt/obb 171M 0K 171M 4096 /cache 469M 2M 466M 4096 /efs 6M 3M 3M 4096 /system 503M 329M 174M 4096 /data 1007M 895M 112M 4096 /storage/sdcard0 13G 4G 8G 4096 This is happening on a rooted stock 4.1.2 image from Google.In the second and third cases you will want to do the following to get review: Create a branch to begin doing your new work in: /, you should do it prior to the following steps otherwise your push will be seen by phab as a close action of your revision.Submit a review request to Phabricator via Arcanist (arc being the cmdline tool): This will give you a URL for your patch request.If you are the owner of the patch (and have commit access) do: If you try and do this before the patch is approved, arc will complain.Note that the commit log you enter above when you do arc patch will be the git commit log, so please paste in the original patch log from the page.I thought my issue was limited to HTC, so it might not be the cause of the trouble you've got, but it's worth a look. This is exactly the same problem I had with my Sony Xperia arc s.I've fixed this by rooting my phone and install "system cleaner root" (note: only rooted devices can use this app and you'll probably lose your warranty when you root your phone) and run that application.

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At OPI we have always followed a disciplined approach for maintaining a stable, reusable i OS foundation that is relied on for all app development.So how can I figure out which partition this “insufficient storage” message is about? On my old phone, though, that was were apps were stored on the device (versus the external SD card).When that directory filled up I got the same mysterious "insufficient storage" messages and tons of random force closes even though all other partitions had room to spare. Here's something I've noticed: I can't update an 8.63 MB app like Evernote Skitch, but I can update a 48.23 MB app like the Clash-of-Clans game. A common problem on android devices is that android will keep and safe all applications which are in your system directory (system apps/apps installed from the factory).Recently I went through the process of converting a few non-ARC projects and bringing them into the exciting world of ARC.Before ARC was introduced for i OS 5 in 2011, the core Mobile Team here at Object Partners Inc.

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